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What is blog?

Whether you are starting a blog or just wondering what to write about next, it is so easy to get writers block and stare at an empty page wondering what to write. This can be not only frustrating but you can also waste a lot of time sitting there waiting for ideas to come. This happens to everyone at some stage and even the most successful writers get occasional “writters block”.

Starting A Blog From Scratch

The way I look at starting a blog is that you did it for a reason. Focussing on why you made this initial decision should put some thoughts in your mind.The best place to start, is to create an “About Me” page and write 2 to 3 paragraphs about yourself. You should outline briefly, why you created the blog unless you want to leave this for another page such as the “Homepage.” Always remember to include a current, clear, recent photo of yourself to establish credibility and build relationships with your readers.

After that, depending on what you called the blog create a “Homepage” and simply outline why you decided to create a blog, if you omitted this in your “About Me” page. Alternatively, summarise what this blog will contain. Always consider the “what’s in it for me” so the reader will know by reading your “Homepage” what the blog is all about and how it will be of interest to them.Once you have this on your blog, you will know what other pages are needed to address the topics you mentioned in the “Homepage.” Keep the pages relevant, but not too specific, so a number of posts can be added to each page.I then suggest you pick what you are most interested in and jot down a few questions for yourself, so that you will remember to answer these questions in the blog post or posts.

follow these 3 tips:

Tip1: Educate yourself a little bit about SEO and what it takes to rank high in Google. Try to find out what keywords you can use and how to do a little bit of keyword research. Getting the SEO right will get your blog more visible and you will reach out to a bigger crowd. Imagine if you rank high in Google on all your keywords. Imagine if you rank high for a keyword that got 20.000 searches each and every month! You will get tons of free traffic if you manage to do this right. It’s not rocket-science, but it will take some work from your end.

Tip2: Let your personality shine through your work! This tip is important, because as well as you want to write good for the Google “Spiders” you also want to write good for your human visitors. Matter of fact, you want to write for your human visitors first, then for the Google “Spiders”. Let your personality shine through your work and write as if you were writing to your best friend. Be personal, funny and passionate. Always have in mind that you want to wake up your readers curiosity when you are writing your blog. Pick subjects that interest you and that you think you will be able to write a lot about.

Tip3: Connect with your readers. It’s all about building relationships and connect with your readers. If your audience feel like they know you personally, they will read more of your work. Provide them with some top quality content and maybe throw in a competition or two every now and then. People love competitions and they tend to get really passionate about participating. Ask your readers questions about what they like about your site and what they think you can improve. Make them come up with ideas on what to have on your blog and not. You will definitely benefit from this in more way than one.

So, what are blogs? Well, these 3 tips will point you in the right direction to the answer to that question.

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