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Importance of headline

Titles are the same. Articles and web pages don’t have headlines, they have titles. Your title should also be designed to give the readers what they want. A title should state right away what the article is about, or what the main topic of the web page is. The title should be written to grab attention, and persuade the visitor to read.

A title that says “How to make Money on the Internet with a Free Website” is more likely to grab attention than “Internet Marketing for Beginners”. It just takes a little thought. Write down a title and look at it. What’s wrong with it? Think a bit then improve on it, go away and do something else, then come back and look at it again. Does it grab your attention?

You should work on your title until you are sure that it will attract attention, even if just a little. You are not expected to be a professional, but you should make an effort and spend a little time on it. Eventually you will be able to rattle off titles without too much thought. Without a good title, a web page could be passed over, even if it answers the question the visitor wants answered. Use it like a headline, but without the straight sales pitch.

Subject lines in emails should be approached in exactly the same way. It is the subject line that gets the email opened, not the content. Nobody knows the content except you, so make sure that your subject line compels the receiver to open it. Most people open their inbox each morning to find dozens and dozens of emails, sometimes even hundreds. They quickly scan down the subject lines, and sometimes the sender.However, analysis has shown that it is the subject line that most determines whether or not an email is opened. Once it is opened, it is then the title that determines if it is read, so with an email you have both the subject line and the title to work on. Little wonder that people who are expert at writing subject lines and titles make so much money from their ebooks on the subject.The importance of headlines, titles and subjects in internet marketing cannot be overestimated, so work on them, and learn from what other people are doing.

Headlines are generally used on sales pages and squeeze pages, and should persuade the reader to stay with you. They should offer an immediate benefit that people want, and force them to continue reading. Typical benefits are how to make money, how to save money, how people can save time or have a problem solved. A good headline must offer a benefit that sounds believable and reasonably attainable.

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