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While most Internet business operators recognize the importance of attracting the right kind of prospects to their website, the challenge comes in finding the right methods of attracting web traffic without breaking the bank. Most proven and efficacious methods of creating targeted traffic such as the Pay-Per-Click method can be a bit pricey for a startup web business with little money to spend on advertisement. While standard forms of Internet advertising might not be cost effective for many, there still exists more wallet friendly forms of traffic generation. A few useful ways to bring in the kind of traffic a particular web site needs is through the use of news groups, forums and article directories. These alternative and free forms of traffic generation can be effective means of bolstering web traffic for those who know how to use them.

One of the most popular ways to advertise online is article directories. It begins by writing a simple article about the type of service a business operates in or a product the web site in question provides. Your next step would be to publish your article through one of the numerous article directories. This is particularly advantageous because articles published through these directories tend to stay published for a long period. In addition, a published article has the likelihood of showing up in multiple places throughout the articles lifetime. From there, two possibilities exist. The first will rely entirely on people reading your published article and clicking on the link, which will direct them to the web site mentioned in the article. By continuing to write articles on a regular basis, you may develop a following of readers. With a faithful contingency of readers, one can expect their readers to seek out a writer’s works much in the same fashion as they would their favorite author or columnist, as well as spreading the word about the writer’s works, and in turn promoting the particular web based business through word of mouth advertising.

Another way of free advertising and increasing web traffic is through online forums. It is likely that most people have been on a forum at one time or another, but what many business owners fail to understand is the huge potential an online forum has for increasing web traffic to a particular web based businesses site. Since there are literally thousands of online forums, choosing the proper ones to post to is vital. The first thing is to find forums that will allow a short signature when making any post. These signatures normally consist of a few sentences and these sentences allow the author to give a brief but descriptive overview of the web based business in question. One consideration when posting on an online forum is to keep on point. Trying to use the forums to advertise your business is a no-no and people will be able to quickly ascertain what your motives are with your postings, and this will have the opposite effect of your goal of attracting people to your website. In addition, it is advisable to keep up a regular schedule of postings. Not only is this allowing hundreds if not thousands of people to view cleverly constructed advertisements disguised as posts, but also major search engines routinely indexes the many forums for listings. This means that the more often posts appear, the better the web based businesses site rankings will be. Forums are often thought of as the Internet’s equivalent to social marketing, so do not ignore this viable and effective form of free advertisement.

The last suggestion in generating increased web traffic for your business is through news groups like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. With these organizations, a business can post ads on these particular sites by creating what is known as a group. These groups can be created to reflect an individuals or a businesses interest. While a business can join an existing group, attention must be paid as to whether the group is delineated as public or private. If it is a private group, then joining that group will not be possible. In many cases, in order to effectively advertise a business, it is advisable to simply create a group. This allows a business more control over the group and its subject matter and can thus implement its advertising plan as it sees fit. The over whelming issue with this form of Internet advertising is how easy and simple it is to get going. You simply need to select a proper name for your group, create it, and begin posting. As always, keep the post relevant and regular, otherwise a business might find its group one day has disappeared.

Web traffic is indeed any web based businesses lifeblood. It would be more apt to say that targeted web traffic is indeed the one sustaining factor of any web business. Using some of these free advertising strategies will not only save you money, but can allow you to carve out your space in the highly competitive online marketing environment.

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